Empowering young minds through books

Welcome! WunderMill Books is our growing publishing company comprised of two award-winning children’s imprints—The Cornell Lab Publishing Group and Persnickety Press. Learn more below.

Cornell Lab Publishing Group

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology advances scientific discoveries, inspiring and engaging more than 20 million people each year to connect with birds and the natural world. Our children’s books further the Lab’s mission of nurturing new generations in the appreciation and care of birds, setting the stage for environmental custodianship.

Our goal is to create emotional connections between kids and nature through birds, to inspire lifelong learning and discovery about the natural world.

Persnickety Press

Words are powerful tools. They can start or end conflicts. They can inspire passion and powerful deeds or quash the strongest of spirits. They can be the impetus of great good or lever of great harm. At Persnickety Press, we are mindful of this with every book we publish for young readers.

We’ve set a mission for ourselves focused on empowerment— showing young people that what they do matters, that what they care about is worthy of their attention and dedication, and that even now, as children, they can make a real difference.